The EOS Collaboration's policy for the home page

                                                        1st November 1994

                        EOS World Wide Web Access

        Welcome to the EOS homepage on the world wide web. This facility 
should enhance our ability to communicate with the collaboration, and 
disseminate general information around the world.

        As a collaboration we have a responsibility to ensure the proper use of
network access. Remember, once the information has been committed to the
network, we lose all control over how it is used, how it is modified, to whom
it is distributed, or to whom it is attributed. The EOS collaboration is bound
by rules governing access to its data and results. Moreover LBL has the
responsibility to ensure that federal laws and DOE directives are observed.
LBL's official policy on WWW pages and other forms of electronic transactions
is stipulated in the Policy and Procedures Manual Volume XX, No. 13. The adherence 
to following fundamental principles will ensure proper conduct by the 
EOS collaboration:

1.      EOS has restrictions regarding access to data and results. In general
experimental data should not be made available before it is ready for
publication. Incomplete or preliminary results meant for internal circulation
only may not be put on the network, without the appropriate access controls.
The provision of electronic access to information held at LBL is a form of
publication by LBL, and subject to LBL publication policies.

2.      LBL requires that any material made available to the general public
should be reviewed by a qualified reviewer before its access restrictions are
lifted. The NSD/RNC group has delegated this responsibility to Gulshan Rai.
The reviewer is the owner and administrator of the EOS homepage(s). A list
of pages appear below which should be considered strictly off-limits to the 
collaboration and third parties. The security of the homepage(s) is ensured 
by D. Olson who is officially the WWW server administrator for the RNC group. 
3.      Broadcast of personal information is forbidden unless permission is
sought from the party concerned and, is reviewed for compliance with LBL/RNC
policies. For example, pictures, home addresses, etc. may not be put on the
network without prior approval. Material not associated with the EOS project
should not be referenced by any WWW pages.

4.      Responsibility for propriety, access, protection, and usage rests with
the owner of the data, files, systems, or user identification involved. The
EOS homepage is maintained on the reviewer's account and is therefore subject 
to LBL policy.

5.      Electronic correspondence originating at LBL should be composed with
the same care as is afforded to traditional correspondence transmitted on
Laboratory letterhead. To maintain the high level of standards, this rule
should be adopted by EOS member institutions when making additions to the EOS
home page. All electronic correspondence should be considered more permanent
than its conventional (telephone or paper) analogue.

List of files maintained by the EOS collaboration reviewer:

index.html,  policy.html,  all_coll.html,  institutes.html

        Gulshan Rai

        LBL, NSD/RNC, MS50D-121 

Email: RAI@LBL.GOV, Tel: 510-486-7125