The command "tas2_menu" replaces the "tas_edit" command of TAS V1. (This requires the EOS TAS2 login setup.)

Sample session

< nsdssf: 1> join_eos
joined nsdtpc group for EOS business, exit to leave
Set CVSROOT to /home/sseos/u3/eostpc/CVSROOT_EOS 
< nsdssf-eos: 1> tas2_menu

Select item 1 to invoke the TAS table editor form.

The rest of the tutorial is virtually identical to the dsm_menu tutorial for STAR. This tutorial has many images and can take a while to load unless you select "Options/Delay Image Loading" in Mosaic. When you are ready click here for the step by step sequence of manipulating the forms and generating source code include files.


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